Need of Soft Skills?

What are soft skills?   

Personal Interaction with the one-to-one person or communicating with another person. Soft skill is essential learning for people because they upgrade people’s life, these skills can include communication abilities, language skills, personal habits, cognitive or emotional empathy, time management, teamwork, and leadership.

These skills are essential to all those people who have to upgrade their knowledge and learn something new. Every skill is important to learn and all skills are explained to be there;

  1. communication abilities – The communication activities are how to communicate with others and how you understand and how will your response be in a positive or negative way.
  2. language skills – The language skills learn so many languages like English, French, and foreign language, if you have a learn the language you upgrade the skills.
  3. personal habits – Personal habits are balanced in the professional life or personal life, the personal life is spending time with family or friends, caring for health by doing yoga or meditation, reading books and thoughts, and playing a game like football or cricket.
  4. cognitive or emotional empathy – Emotional empathy is sharing an emotional problem with others and cognitive empathy refers to understanding someone’s emotional experience from their perspectives while distinguishing others’ feelings from our own.
  5. time management – Manage their work or complete the task at the right time and report to provide at the right time in the right place.
  6. Teamwork – Collaborate the work as a team, good understanding between the team, and supporting to each other, and give profit to the company.
  7. Leadership – Leadership quality is guidance to people or organizations, supervising the worker in Industry, and leadership is a guide to people like what to work, how to work etc.

How do develop soft skills?

Develop soft skill at work, school, and volunteer activities, and by participating in training programs and classes. Include your soft skill in your resume and cover letter. Demonstrate your soft skill during job interviews.

Where to learn soft skills?

Learn soft skills in an online or offline course. At covid19 time online course ratings are high because many people are jobless and many people learning something new for upgrading their knowledge and career.

Why do we need soft skills?

We need soft skill because students and employees have to learn these skill because upgrade their careers also and future life. When we talk about the knowledge we gain everywhere.

Importance of Soft Skills?

Soft skills are important to all people who are growing in their careers and want a wonderful life. Soft skills are one of the highest skill that all students required the skill and want to be growing as knowledge.


New Year’s Resolution

Top 11 New Year’s Resolutions We made For 2023

1-Learn Something New.

new year

2-Spend More Time With The Family.

new year

3-Improves Your Mental Health

4-Pay Down debt

5-Try To Be Happier In General

6-Lose Some Weight

7-Eat Better

8-Work Out More

9-Save Money

10-Be Healthier In General

11- Self Love

entertainment social media

Social Media Impact On Human


In today’s life, people are interested in social media, the media is full of entertaining, movies. motivational, at present 5 billion users use social media. The social media are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, WhatsApp, etc. Many people use social media but we also think about the positive impact or negative impact on humans. If we think about the positive impact on humans, it’s good the person understands how to use social media, but the negative impact on humans means people are not aware of their career or future, they just waste time using social media.

Here are the negative impacts on human

Depression and anxiety– Depression has affected the body, and mind, and not focusing on work, it’s very bad for their health, and the anxiety also affects their health.
Fear of missing out – long-time use of online media platforms make you dependent to check out what other people are doing. FOMO is an aggravated feeling that other people are living better lives or have more fun compared with you.
Negative body image – The negative body image have change when we have addicted to some online sites like lifestyle changes behavior changes, attitudes changes, and many more, etc.
Unhealthy sleep patterns – when we are addicted to some entertaining websites, we don’t have to give time to other things, like studying, parents, college activities, etc.
General Addiction – general addiction is good but more addiction, is dangerous to health.
Cyberbullying – particularly children, and adults are the face of victims of cyberbullying where threats and other negative activities easily snare them. Fake news and rumours spread effortlessly, leading to depression.


Here are the positive impacts on Human

Communication– social media is the best platform to convey feelings, emotions, and opinions – a song, a poem, a work of art, or anything else.
Socializing-There are different cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. online media brings these people together on a common platform like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Food lovers can join the community of food bloggers, while bonus gamers can join communities focused on gaming,
Share information– The share information related to work, generate the business account build up business for the company.
Education– Education is admirable beginners and educators can enrol in global joint platforms to facilitate helpful learning. It also supports skill enhancement by fostering knowledge and creativity.
Connection– Connectivity is among the most significant benefits of social media.

Assam Police

Police arrest smugglers and seize gold bars in Assam

Two smugglers were arrested at a checkpoint on National Highway-37 in Morigaon district of the state and gold bars weighing two kilograms were seized from their possession, Assam Police said on Wednesday.

The men were nabbed on Tuesday when acting on a tip-off, a police team from Jagiroad police station in Morigaon set up a naka checking on the National Highway-37.

The persons apprehended have been identified as Safikul Islam and Mafidul Islam.

“We received information about two persons coming from Sonitpur to sell gold,” said Hemanta Borgohain, the officer of Jagiroad police station.

“Based on the tip, we had set up Naka checking in front of Jagiroad police station and caught two persons. During the probe, we had found two gold bars in their possession,” the officer said.

With inputs from ANI

Liton Paul

Non Fungible Tokens



NFTs- Non-fungible tokens,

Fungible means replaceable, tokens mean proof of ownership (digital contract)

Blockchain-A new technology that is not in control by any government or company., Is free to control blockchain is a public ledger that stores data such as the transfer of money

NFT is built on a blockchain with the smart contract after being created there is a name and token known as non fungible tokens. Like I have a selfie-and I will ask blockchain to give me a token of ownership for it. Once data is stored in the blockchain cannot be changed, you cannot change the name of the NFT owner. While creating the smart contract, I can add a clause to gain royalties from it being the creator and owner so the NFT world is an advantage for the artist and they can protect their art.


1- Celebrity – Amitabh Bachchan would buy his NFTs or any NFT associated with a big growing brand.

2- Due to the popularity of NFT, people are buying out of fear of missing out on any opportunity.

3- People generally have a habit of collecting stuff such as NFTs

4- Flipping of NFT is a major reason NFTs have assumed value.



1- Making and selling an NFT

2- You can buy NFT at a low price and sell them at high prices (trading in NFT)

3- you can make NFTs are different brands are being an NFT designer

4- To invest in NFT crypto Projects like decentral etc.

You can invest in NFT through coin switch as it has interesting features like limit order you can order crypto went down, it will have purchased by you.

Similarly, you on-sell crypto if it goes 10% or more with a limit order with more interesting features and crypto.


Before investing in NFT, see who made the NFT, join the discord of the group research its popularity looking at its availability look at it’s use case similar to the crypto use case you can earn passive income from NFTs should have gaming NFTs, decentral NFTs like I told earlier you need must cautioned before investing.  

reduce stress and anxiety stop procrastinating and overthinking

Reduces stress

Reduces stress and anxiety  

The reduces stress is a physical, mental, behavior, and emotional reaction that people experience as they encounter challenges in life. The physical stress is headaches, skin irritation, breathlessness, etc and emotional stress is anxiety, depression, loss of confidence, etc. The mental stress included nightmares, taking important decisions in life, negative thoughts in mind, worrying about the work. The behavior stress included smoking more, restlessness, and drinking more. how can reduce this type of stress?

Many types of which we reduce the stress which also affect our physical, emotional, mental, and behavior.

Spend Time with Friends and Family – It gives us relaxation and happy thoughts in our minds.

reduced tension

Get More Physical Activity- Physical activity is important for our health, it feels free to stress

Reduce tension and pressure

Take a Yoga Class- Yoga has become a popular method of stress relief and exercise among all age groups.

Practice Mindfulness – Meditating consistently, even for short periods, may help boost your mood and decrease symptoms of stress and anxiety

Spend Time in Nature– Spending more time outside may help reduce stress.

Listen to Music- If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a stressful situation, try taking a break and listening to relaxing music.

 Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Take it out with Friends- Go on trips with friends, celebration, and talk to friends free to stress.

Eat Right– Stress levels also decrease when you eat healthily

Exercise (even a minute) – Do exercise every morning, it also causes stress

Laugh it off laughing tricks your nervous system into making you happy.

Sleep better– because when you get better sleep, you positive feeling during the day 

Reduce Stress and Anxiety
healthy sleep

Stop Procrastinating and Overthinking

Procrastinating means postponing the action and overthinking means thinking about something too much or for too long, the people have to stop delaying the action because it responds to the negative thoughts in their minds it clashes with your thinking power, and more thinking is spoiling your life, more thinking kills your positive thought, and not coming up any solution, its effects your body, affects your behavior.

How do people stop overthinking?

stop procrastinating and overthinking

Let go of the past-  means you don’t let your mistakes control your future decisions – and you don’t let bad things that have been done to you control your emotions.

 Take control of your Emotion – When you’re feeling nervousness, insult . It’s often about facing your fears, such as not feeling in control of your life or not progressing in the way you’d like to be. That’s why people have to control their emotions.