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Social Media Impact On Human


In today’s life, people are interested in social media, the media is full of entertaining, movies. motivational, at present 5 billion users use social media. The social media are Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, WhatsApp, etc. Many people use social media but we also think about the positive impact or negative impact on humans. If we think about the positive impact on humans, it’s good the person understands how to use social media, but the negative impact on humans means people are not aware of their career or future, they just waste time using social media.

Here are the negative impacts on human

Depression and anxiety– Depression has affected the body, and mind, and not focusing on work, it’s very bad for their health, and the anxiety also affects their health.
Fear of missing out – long-time use of online media platforms make you dependent to check out what other people are doing. FOMO is an aggravated feeling that other people are living better lives or have more fun compared with you.
Negative body image – The negative body image have change when we have addicted to some online sites like lifestyle changes behavior changes, attitudes changes, and many more, etc.
Unhealthy sleep patterns – when we are addicted to some entertaining websites, we don’t have to give time to other things, like studying, parents, college activities, etc.
General Addiction – general addiction is good but more addiction, is dangerous to health.
Cyberbullying – particularly children, and adults are the face of victims of cyberbullying where threats and other negative activities easily snare them. Fake news and rumours spread effortlessly, leading to depression.


Here are the positive impacts on Human

Communication– social media is the best platform to convey feelings, emotions, and opinions – a song, a poem, a work of art, or anything else.
Socializing-There are different cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. online media brings these people together on a common platform like Facebook, Instagram, etc. Food lovers can join the community of food bloggers, while bonus gamers can join communities focused on gaming,
Share information– The share information related to work, generate the business account build up business for the company.
Education– Education is admirable beginners and educators can enrol in global joint platforms to facilitate helpful learning. It also supports skill enhancement by fostering knowledge and creativity.
Connection– Connectivity is among the most significant benefits of social media.

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